ACL SHIPPINGHUB Wholesale Booking Services

Are you a forwarder, but having no Wholesale Booking Accreditation? No worries, we at ACL SHIPPINGHUB can assist you by providing you with airfreight rates, directly from the airlines.

ACL SHIPPINGHUB can facilitate and therefore there is no need to go through the application process.

We have the knowledge and experience to support your business. Even if you have never been selling airfreight, we can assist you in developing your skills and especially discuss your new sales pitch.

We do this in cooperation with ACL SHIPPINGHUB Consultancy & Training By ACL

The following customers are making use of our services:
– Freight Forwarders
– International Freight Forwarders
– Ocean Fowarders
– Removal companies
– Courier companies
– 3PL and 4PL companies
– E-commerce forwarders
– Digital Forwarders and platforms
– Online shoppers
– Individuals shippers
Our services are not limited to export only, we also arrange import and cross-trade shipments.
Interested in making use of our services or network? Get in contact with our team.

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