How does ACL SHIPPINGHUB work?

ACL SHIPPINGHUB provides international shoppers with a US and UK shipping address you can use when placing orders with UK, US online stores. The store ships your purchases to ACL SHIPPING, we ship it to you, and you save BIG on international shipping costs.

How can I estimate international shipping costs?

You can estimate your shipping costs before you purchase an item by asking the merchant for the weight and dimensions of the package they will ship to us. You can then enter that information into our shipping rate calculator.

Can ACL SHIPPINGHUB ship my products?

We can ship just about every item for you, including clothing, cosmetics, toys, cell phones, laptops, and much more.

The types of items that we cannot ship are restricted by the US government and/or prohibited for import into your country. For example, we cannot ship any items that require a license to export or require a license exception to be filed.

Please review the following link to verify your item(s) can be exported:

Restricted/Prohibited item list

We are happy to ship items that do not conflict with our compliance policy. If you would like ACL SHIPPINGHUB to review the item you wish to ship, please get in touch with us with the following information:

Name of the shipper

Link to the item you wish to purchase or ship

The address you are shipping to

Weight and dimensions of the product

If you have any other questions

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