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When it comes to e-commerce logistics, flexibility and scalability are non-negotiable. It’s essential to ensure the right warehouse and supply chain management as per style, size and shape of different items. And your e-commerce logistics solution has got to scale up effectively to meet high seasonal demands.

Why not leave it to an expert? We’ll help you with efficient stock management systems designed to achieve effortless coordination between your retailers, retail outlets and e-commerce platform providers. We’ll also make sure our e-commerce logistics solutions are aligned with your specific business requirements.

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All about your access to shop UK stores with our free UK address

UK delivery address:
Access self-storage
1 Nestless Ave, London, Hayes
postcode: UB3 4UZ,
United Kingdom

All about your access to shop USA stores with our free USA address

330 Tompkins Ave, Ste 3623
Staten Island, NY, 10304 USA
+1 (646) 817-0258

All about your access to shop CHINA stores with our free CHINA address


China Address
Door 1, Warehouse 22-24, Building A2, DHL Logistics Center, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Jinshazhou, Guangzhou
Tell: 18867920166 17725601485

Ready to Shop & Ship?

You now have ACL SHIPPINGHUB addresses in the USA, CHINA, and UK! Shop on the Best of USA , CHINA, and UK stores

How It Works

Shopping at USA, CHINA, and UK stores and shipping purchases to Kenya is straightforward with ACL SHIPPINGHUB. Depending on the country you are shopping from either CHINA, UK, or USA stores, use our CHINA, USA, or UK address at checkout, and we will receive your shipment and deliver it to you in Kenya.


Shop stores based in either the UK, CHINA, or the USA and use our UK, CHINA, or USA address at checkout depending on the country you are shopping from.


Our UK, CHINA, or USA warehouses will receive your items and let you know when they arrive in Kenya.


You manage shipping details and preferences in your ACL SHIPPINGHUB online account. Just submit a shipping request when you are ready to send your items.

We love making it easy for you to shop UK, CHINA, EUROPE, and US stores

Our MYACL SHIPPINGHUB Shopping Chrome Extension lets you shop multiple websites and checkout from those stores all at once, so you pay international shipping upfront or pay at your destination and get items shipped to you in one efficiently packed box (saving you tons on shipping!).

We love making it easy for you to shop in UK, CHINA, EUROPE, and US stores. Our MYACL SHIPPINGHUB Shopping Chrome Extension lets you shop multiple websites and checkout from those stores all at once, so you pay international shipping upfront or pay at your destination and get items shipped to you in one efficiently packed box (saving you tons on shipping!).

Only ACL SHIPPINGHUB has the resources, expertise, customer dedication, and global experience to make shopping and shipping from the UK, CHINA, EUROPE, and the US consistently fast and affordable. ACL SHIPPINGHUB locations include its corporate distribution and operations facility in the UK delivery address:
ACL SHIPPINGHUB Access self-storage, 1 Nestless Ave, London, Hayes
postcode: UB3 4UZ, United Kingdom

Air Shipping Options From US, CHINA & UK to Kenya

We help our customers in Kenya access American brands and marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. without leaving their own homes.

You either shop online with your debit card (Amazon accepts most Kenya bank cards) or we can shop on your behalf and ship to your doorsteps in Kenya.

Real-time tracking & notifications from the beginning to the end of a transparent process & pain-free experience.

We help our customers in the USA, UK, and CHINA ship goods & presents to their loved ones in Kenya.

You simply shop online and checkout using our warehouse address and your receiver’s name + warehouse CODE.

We receive your goods, notify both you and your receiver, and track them to the receiver.

It is a fast, easy, affordable, transparent insured & guaranteed process.

Ocean Shipping Options From UK, CHINA OR US to Kenya

For Kenya Residents

Our sea cargo option from the UK, CHINA, and the US  to Kenya is tailored for bulk and heavy packages for personal use or business needs.

We have seen customers shipping personal-use household goods, flooring & roofing materials, and even small business merchandise.

For UK, USA or CHINA Residents

We help our customers in the UK, USA, and CHINA ship heavy and bulky personal effects to their loved ones in Kenya.

Our container closes every End of the month and ships out every Last Friday of the month.


Enjoy a fast and worry-free shipping experience with ACL SHIPPINGHUB’s extensive experience, industry-leading expertise and unmatched member service.

We are committed to providing the fastest shipping options available. Our team works 7 days a week to ensure shipments leave our warehouse within 24 hours, so your packages are delivered FAST!

Our exclusive multi-station shipping system was designed to streamline the entire process and provide our members the fastest, most reliable shipping experience. From receiving to packing, we use the most accurate weight, classification and address information so your packages are sorted quickly, correctly, and reach you fast.

Our team of over 200 shipping experts:

  • Work hard to ensure shipments leave our warehouse within 24 hrs*
  • Log in packages to members’ online accounts 7 days a week
  • Ship members’ packages around the globe 6 days a week

Make sure your packages are delivered worldwide in just 2 to 4 days, once they leave ACL SHIPPINGHUB!

Get exclusive low rates, thanks to our shipping volume and long-term relationships with Major Airlines KLM, KQ, AIR FRANCE, EMIRATES, ETIHAD, BA and courier like DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS.

Discounted Rate Details

ACL SHIPPINGHUB allows its members the flexibility to choose their preferred carrier and method, or select the least expensive option. Members can always choose the fastest or most affordable delivery, depending on their needs.

Want to see how cheap our shipping rates are? Just download our Chrome Extension and easily check out your discounted ACL SHIPPINGHUB international rates as you’re shopping online.

Combine our great shipping rates with the power of package consolidation, EUROPE and US tax-free shopping perks, and members can save up to 80% on international shipping!

ACL SHIPPINGHUB members from all over the world – from EAST Africa, Middle East, West Africa, and everywhere in between – love to buy US products, and we help stretch their shopping $Dollars/sterling£ with our deeply discounted shipping rates!

Shop without worry! We are happy to help with product returns to US stores if your goods arrive at ACL SHIPPINGHUB damaged, are not what you expected, or the wrong size or colour.

We realize that on occasion you may receive the wrong item from an online store, it arrives damaged…or you simply change your mind. You can buy with confidence knowing we are here to help with product returns.

Damaged Products

We will let you know if any of your purchases arrive at our facility damaged.
Product Photos

You can request detailed photos to be sure you received what you ordered.
Product Returns

If you need to return something, we will make sure your return is processed properly.

Return Policies at UK/USA Stores

Most retailers accept returns and will refund the full cost of the product, but not shipping costs. Every store is different, so be sure to check their return policy before you buy:

Our expert team packs and inspects every shipment, making sure your valuable purchases are protected and safe before they leave our facility.

Retailers often include unnecessary packing material and use boxes that are too large, which can increase your shipping expense. We remove any extra packaging and efficiently repack and consolidate your packages for maximum savings and protection.

Global Shipping Partners

ACL SHIPPINGHUB works very closely with our long-standing partners with Major AIRLINE COMPANIES BA, KLM AIR FRANCE, KQ, ETHIOPIA AIRLINE, EMIRATES and couriers DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS to offer low shipping rates to our members. Plus, our established partnerships with these global carriers allows us to deliver fast and reliably to over 125,000 Post code zip codes in 220 countries and territories.

Access to our shipping database, so members can always choose the fastest or most cost-effective delivery method

Regional shipping alerts regarding local issues or events that may impact your shipment, to help eliminate any delivery surprises

Flexibility for our members to choose their preferred shipper and delivery time, or select the least expensive option

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